Unlock iPhone Using Gevey SIM Interposing Unlock

Ultrasn0w unlocking has limited use as it can only work with a handful of basebands. If you have accidentally upgraded your baseband or your new iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S runs on latest baseband, you are out of luck as for as Ultrasn0w unlock is concerned. An alternate unlock iPhone method is to use SIM interposer kits. These kits bypass network connection created by your iPhone, thereby providing you an opportunity to use unsupported SIM card on any network. The Gevey SIM Ultra or Ultra S unlocking kit should be purchased separately.

To use Gevey SIM unlocking method, you have to insert your SIM card along with the interposer kit. Every time your iPhone tries to make a network connection, the SIM interposer will bypass software checks by Apple, thus enabling you to easily use any SIM card with the iPhone. This unlocking method too is restricted in terms of baseband as Gevey SIM kit requires you to run a limited set of basebands on iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S.

When you use Gevey SIM unlocking kit, you should continue to use the interposer kit in any country. If your iPhone loses power or loses network connection for a long time, unlocking steps have to be repeated over and over again. As prominent hackers claim that Gevey SIM interposing kit is not completely legal, we don’t recommend this method for you. Making compulsory calls to emergency numbers is illegal in many countries and you should not risk doing it for the sake of unlocking your iPhone.