How To Unlock iPhone 5.1.1

Unlocking iPhone is easy and simple and even newbies can Unlock like experts with the help of right software to Unlock iPhone 5.1.1. Apple keeps releasing iOS firmware updates and Unlockers are often left with no choice but to wait for dev teams to release Unlock software. In recent times, untethered Unlock has become a distant dream as the firmware versions since iOS 5 are much more difficult to crack. Free Unlock tools provide only tethered Unlock and so, Unlockers should make the choice. Hackers update through twitter that they are working on untethered Unlock, but as no delivery date is given, you should not get your hopes high on free untethered iPhone 5.1.1 Unlock.

Can You Unlock iPhone 5.1.1?

It is always better to choose untethered Unlock over tethered Unlock because it is a great nuisance to search for computer with Redsn0w to reboot iPhone. If you prefer unlocking iPhone 5.1.1 along with Unlocking it, then you should stay away from tethered Unlock at all costs. Booting without tethered boot utility will result in loss of Unlock and unlock and this will result in apparent data loss. Pod2g tweeted a few days ago that he is working in untethered 5.1.1 Unlock, but buzz is that 5.0.1 exploit won’t work for 5.1.1. So, unless you desperately want free iPhone 5.1.1 Unlock and 5.1.1 firmware, it is better to stick with 5.0.1 to use Redsn0w untethered iPhone 5.1.1 Unlock.

  1. Step 1: Update iOS to 5.1.1 first through iTunes.
  2. Step 2: Download Redsn0w 0.9.10b8b for Windows.
  3. Step 3: Extract Redsn0w zip package.
  4. Step 4: Run Redsn0w as administrator.
  5. Step 5: Click on Unlock button.
  6. Step 6: Now, prepare your iPhone 5.1.1 to put in DFU mode.
  7. Step 7: Wait for Redsn0w to cook custom iOS 5.1.1 firmware for Unlocking.
  8. Step 8: Specify Unlock options in the next screen and ensure that you install Cydia.
  9. Step 9: Click on Next button and leave your iPhone and computer as it is to let Redsn0w to complete Unlock.
  10. Step 10: Your iPhone should reboot and you should use Redsn0w again and choose Just boot option to continue to reboot iPhone in tethered mode.
  11. Step 11: Once iPhone completes rebooting, check for Cydia and always use Redsn0w Just boot option for every reboot.

Methods To Unlock iPhone 5.1.1

Free Unlocking certainly voids warranty of your iPhone and in most of the cases, this is irreversible. So, once you use free Unlock iPhone 5.1.1, forget about taking your iPhone to Apple Genius Bars if you have some problem with the iPhone. If you Unlock iPhone only to enjoy customization features and interesting tweaks, you don’t have to worry about upgrading baseband. Unlockers on the other hand should not jump on latest iOS firmware because Ultrasn0w unlock is not updated to support iOS 5.0 firmware. Those who have already unlocked iPhone 5.1.1 using Ultrasn0w can use Ultrasn0w fixer to get support for latest firmware on old baseband.

Free tools for Unlocking iPhone 5.1.1 come without any warranty or guarantee and so, you should proceed at your own risk. In fact, hackers always recommend you to take backup of your phone’s status to ensure that you can prevent data loss if something should happen during the Unlock process. When you update firmware and Unlock it, existing apps and data will be lost. So, taking backup of your iPhone’s status will help you to install apps all at once without having to install every app later.

Many users report that some of the features and apps like iBooks don’t function properly after using certain builds of Redsn0w. If some app doesn’t work after Unlocking your device for free, you really can’t do anything else other than forgetting about the app. The worse aspect with free iPhone 5.1.1 Unlock is that you will never know which apps won’t be supported unless you try your hands on free Unlock.

Software To Unlock iPhone 5.1.1

For newbies, it makes sense to look for Unlock tool that actually provides Unlock guarantee and warranty. The risk of bricking iPhone is minimized if you use a Unlock tool that provides guaranteed Unlock. This effectively means that even newbies can Unlock their iPhones like experts. To achieve hassle free Unlock, you should look beyond free iPhone 5.1.1 Unlock tools that are meant only for hackers and developers. Third party solution provides offer automated Unlock software that provides money back guarantee. Before even using the Unlock tool, you can use the visual guide to understand what you have to do to Unlock an iPhone 5.1.1. Automated software runs on its own to Unlock iPhone 5.1.1 and you simply have to wait for a few minutes for the software to complete Unlocking iPhone 5.1.1 on latest firmware.

Unlock iPhone 5.1 – How To Safely Modify Your Phone

The iPhone is one of the most sophisticated yet convenient smart phones in the whole world which is why users are trying to Unlock iPhone 5.1. It has opened the users up to a new world of endless possibilities that were not expected to be possible in the past few years. Technology advancements have given the iPhone a high performance system that leaves the user amazed at the features and applications.

How To Unlock The iPhone 5.1 Software

Many users of the iPhone have not yet exhausted the possibilities of the phone, since maybe they have not spent enough time to know what it can do. In the real sense, the iPhone is capable of a wide variety of smart functionalities that are helpful in very many fields. The surprising thing is that some of the functionalities are yet to be established and Apple has restricted some of them. You can know the extension by which your iPhone 5.1 Unlock can operate through a delicate unlocking process that calls for extra attention.

The iPhone 5.1 unlocking operation system functionality is usually confused with jail breaking. The jail breaking will allow your phone to open application and tools that are from a third party, although the limitation of the original carrier that comes with the phone remains. There are therefore many reasons why people desire to unlock their phones, with some of these reasons stated here below.

What are the advantages of unlocking iPhone 5.1?

Once you are able to unlock the iPhone successfully, you will be exposed to a variety of possibilities that you could not have accessed before. The following are just but a few of them

  1. You will be able to get out of a long-term binding contract. Those who own an iPhone can testify to their lengthy contracts. You are able to ditch the long-term contracts by making a small modification on the firmware. After the modification goes through successfully, you are able to use a prepaid SIM card which you can use and pay on your own convenience. This helps you to save money since you only pay for the services that you need. It also makes it very easy for you to upgrade the handset at any given time.
  2. The second benefit is that when you unlock iPhone 5.1 is that you now get the opportunity to choose your desired telecommunications service provider service provider. Therefore, you are able to choose the provider that you feel comfortable and one that meets your needs in the best way. With this plan, you are able to save a lot of money by choosing voice and data plans form the service providers who give affordable rates.
  3. After you unlock iPhone, 5.1 you can use pre paid SIM cards with your handset. This is a good deal for people who work in places that are out of service from the usual service providers. It is also helpful to the users who are not within the United States who would love to enjoy having the iPhone 5.1 services. This becomes cheap for the user and it is very convenient.
  4. You improve the resale value o f your handset. Unlocking the iPhone 5.1 attracts more clients since they are going for the upgraded version with better possibilities.

The method of unlocking the iPhone 5.1 is safe for you if you follow the steps given. The steps used to unlock iPhone 5.1 are not very complex since you can even unlock it manually. The following is a series of steps for you to follow and expand the functionality of your iPhone.

  • i. To unlock iPhone 5.1 ensure that your iPhone is up to date, according to the latest iOS5 firmware for this method to work. If it is not, plug it into iTunes and get the latest 5.0 firmware version.
  • ii. Download the iPhone 5.1 unlocking software onto your computer. It does well in both PC and MAC computers.
  • iii. Go to the latest versions of iTunes, which is (10.5), and download onto your computer. Once the software update for iOS 5.1 is prompted do not accept it.
  • iv. Download the working firmware IPSW file to your computer and make sure you get the right one, so that you can modify it during the unlocking process.
  • v. This process takes a while so do not interrupt it. The phone resets itself during this process and adapts the latest firmware.
  • vi. The unlocking prompt will present itself to you with a series of steps to follow depending on the model of the phone that you have. Follow these steps carefully and once it automatically completes the process, do a hard reset to activate the phone. You will receive a third party app called Cydia that will open your phone up to thousands of third party apps.

    Unlock iPhone 5.14.02 – What Exactly You Should Look For

    Good news to all iPhone owners, now that the long awaited jailbreak is available, that enables one to unlock iPhone 5.14.02. Even though there is no legal unlocking available, since the release of baseband 5.14.02. Nevertheless, it is still possible to unlock iPhone 5.14.02 by simply updating it to the 6.15.00 baseband. Even so, those who choose this should be aware that there are certain risks of doing this, since this is an iPad baseband. If one has, a 3GS produced after June 2011, flashing it with an iPad baseband is a terrible idea.

    Steps Taken to unlock iPhone 5.14.02

  • Fortunately, Apple still signs iOS 4.1, and if anyone wants to unlock an iPhone with baseband 5.14.02, he or she should first downgrade to this version first. This will make it possible for one to upgrade to iPad’s 6.15.00. There are other ways that an individual can go around this, such as SHSH blobs, but these methods are more complicated and not ideal for beginners. One follows the following steps to unlock iPhone 5.14.02:
  • The first thing one should do is download the iOS 4.1 for 3GSiPhone firmware
  • Download redsnOw 0.98rc18 for Mac or Windows
  • Then download TinyUmbrella making sure it is the latest version
  • Uninstall iTunes 10.5 and run iTunes 10.4 from Mac or Windows
  • After installing iTunes 10.4 launch it and connect the iPhone, to begin the process that will iPhone 5.14.02 Unlock Release Date
  • Hold down Options for Mac or the Shift button for Windows, while clicking the RESTORE button in iTunes. Then select the just downloaded iOS 4.1 firmware. Sometimes one gets iTunes error 3194, but this can be fixed with a few extra steps.
  • The restore will complete with error 1015, and a recovery loop on your iPhone. One will use the Exit Recovery button found in TinyYmbrella to resolve this.
  • Now it is time to start the redsnOw 0.9.6rc18 that was downloaded earlier, and afterwards browse for the iOS 4.1 firmware
  • Choose the ‘Install Cydia’ option and ‘Install iPad baseband’. It wise to read the warnings so one should make certain they have done so
  • Follow in instructions that will appear on the screen, which will enable one to put the iPhone into DFU mode that will commence jailbreak. This step brings one closer to How to Unlock 5.14.02 iPhone
  • Once the process is complete, the iPhone will have been jailbroken with iPad baseband 6.15.00. To keep the option of going back to the iOS 4.1, one should launch Cydia and choose ‘Make my life easier.’
  • Open Cydia from Springboard in the home menu, then search the packages of Cydia for ultrasnOw. If one cannot locate it, they should add new sources. After that install Ultrasnow 1.2.4
  • One should then reboot the iPhone. Because of this process, the IPhone might not boot properly. Incase this happens, one should start redsnOw 0.9.9, go to Extras then Just Boot. One should then follow the instructions on the screen
  • Finally, one should turn off 3G and insert his or her SIM card. The IPhone should then pick one’s signal. Many people have used these steps to unlock the iPhone.
  • Things to do before starting the steps to unlock iPhone 5.14.02

    The first and most important thing one should do before he or she can begin the steps to unlock 5.14.02 iPhones, is to read and be aware of all the risks involved. Then one can decide whether to go through with the process or not. It is not one hundred percent guarantee that the process will work, and one wrong move could damage the iPhone beyond repair. If one decides to proceed with the steps, he should first back up his or her data, which includes phone contacts, photos, music, applications, videos and so forth. One can use a memory card to back up these things or he can use his computer to do so. Developers are currently working on more accurate ways to unlock the other baseband iPhone 2.10. Numerous benefits come with unlocking one’s iPhone.

    Learn to unlock iPhone 5.14.02 and reap the Benefits

    There are several reasons why users choose to unlock their cell phones. The most obvious benefit of unlocking this device is that it allows one to choose the cellular company they want to get services from. This is especially important for those people who travel from state to state or from one country to another. Another advantage of learning how to unlock it is that one will be able to install applications that were previously restricted. Some of these applications increase the battery life of the iPhone. Jailbreaking and unlocking one’s iPhone also improves its speed and efficiency, as many features are unlocked and the device becomes unrestricted. One should learn to unlock iPhone 5.14.02 and enjoy all these advantages.