Before Unlocking, You MUST Jailbreak iPhone

Apple iPhone’s popularity and exclusivity contracts made the phone extremely popular, enabling many sellers to start iPhone franchises. The increasing demand for the phone motivated its developers to control the phone even more to enhance user experience. As a result, some of the features that come as a standard with other phones are not offered with unlock an iPhone. By modifying the iOS operating system, these features can be enabled and jailbreaking iPhone  4S will modify the operating system. This way, third party apps that were previously disallowed on iPhones can now be downloaded and installed without any limitations. To make your iPhone limitations free, you need to jailbreak iPhone first. When the first Apple iPhone was introduced in the year 2007, Apple extended the functionality of the phone using web based applications called apps. Later, the popularity of apps rose to such an extent that Apple developed App store from where apps can be downloaded and installed on iPhone itself. The iPhone manufacturer Apple, heavily moderates apps that can be downloaded via App store and so, thousands of developers can’t publish their apps on App store. To download and use these third party apps without being restricted by Apple, you need to find and utilize an iPhone jailbreak solution.

The ability to download third party apps is just one of the many reasons for preferring iPhone jailbreaking. Typically, the iOS operating system is a miniature mobile version of the Mac OS X operating system. The Unix based version provides more opportunities to develop interesting unix applications. Developers like to jailbreak their iPhones to develop these Unix applications, turning their mobile phone into a miniature computer.

Unlocking iPhone frees the device from network carrier contracts, enabling you to choose any network operator of your choice. SIM locked iPhones can’t be used in international destinations and so, unlocking is required for anyone who travels frequently. After jailbreaking iPhone 4, installation of unlocking software is all that is necessary to unlock iPhone.

How To Jailbreak iPhone

One of the popular methods of iPhone jailbreaking is to use free jailbreak tools such as Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze and Pwnage Tool. These tools help users to break free from the restrictions imposed by Apple and using these tools is completely free. Dedicated hackers work on cracking advanced and updated versions of the iOS operating system and they publish their work so that anyone can build on the jailbreak. When they can find how to unlock iPhones using exploits that work, jailbreak tools are developed on those exploits. Successful jailbreak tool versions are released for public but these days they will only break your iPhone or give you a virus.

The hackers who develop these free jailbreak tools are not obligated to test the tool thoroughly. They concentrate on finding and cracking exploits and so, they are much more interested in learning about the iOS operating system. Apple is trying to hinder jailbreaking efforts and so, every known jailbreak exploit is patched in subsequent versions. Hackers like the challenge and they continue to work on uncovering more exploits. All the vulnerabilities and exploits found in iOS firmware are not publicly released because hackers don’t want Apple to make the unlock iPhone process impossible.

It can’t be denied that cracking latest version of iOS firmware is becoming more and more difficult and hackers are not able to find the time required to crack these latest firmware versions. Tethered jailbreak is fairly easy to develop, but while using tethered jailbreak users have to connect the phone to the computer for every reboot. Untethered jailbreak is even more difficult, but it frees the phone from any computer for rebooting. Untethered jailbreak for latest iOS 5.1 version to Unlock iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 unlocking as well as ability to unlock an iPhone 3GS and 3G are not released as yet and only tethered jailbreak is available. Updating to latest iOS firmware will remove existing jailbreak and so, free jailbreak users should wait to get untethered jailbreak before upgrading firmware.

As the free iPhone jailbreak tools are not thoroughly tested, bugs are very common and it can lead to unstable mobile operating system. In that case, you can only rely on internet forums to help you to resolve the issues.